Here you can find some facts about the new TETRA digital radio network for German authorities

Why Short story: Because this domain was short and free :-) Long story: Of course it is about BOS radio, so "BOS" had to be in the domain name. The "d" has a double meaning: It stands for Germany (Deutschland), and it stands for digital.

I assume that you already know, what BOS is. If not, just have a look about some facts about the old and still actual system:

It is a neverending story. For about five or six years it was told that in 2006 the german BOS would be completely migrated to a digital standard, TETRA or TETRAPOL. Now we have the year 2007, and at least the decision for TETRA is clear. The networks still are not set up, only some reference platforms.

What is already on air? First of all a few years ago there was set up a test network around Aachen, for interoperability tests together wih the neighbour countries. This network is not encrypted and still operative. In fact it is in daily use, with some talkgroups interconnected to analog 2m and 4m band channels.

Next was installing the reference platforms in six places. These are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and some areas in Niedersachsen and Nordrheinwestfalen.