What is new on these Pages?

2007-10-19 A change after seven years :-) Moved the whole site to my own server at home, removed some stuff (including the links section), rearranged things a bit, and added some words about digital radio for the BOS.

2000-11-03 Removed the L7089 section...seems to be outdated :)

2000-11-01 Some changes in design, overworking of the "Links" section.

2000-06-25 Removed the "Pager Reprogramming" section.

2000-01-28 Changed my e-mail address in my contact section.

1999-11-23 Minor changes (Q86 security hint and smth. abt. the BMD jumpers) on the pager reprogramming page.

1999-11-11 Added a link (can be found at "Links/German/Others") to a page with some info (with PICs) about an absolutely nice parrot...

1999-11-10 Moved my pages to a new server - now I am able to use subdirectories; changed paths in my code. Please tell me if problems arise from this! Added a download directory.

1999-11-07 Added a page in german (with links for subscription) about my D1-GSM mailinglist. This list is in german only...

1999-11-01 Added a page with a fix to make the Motorola L7089 Timeport work with Psion 5.

1999-10-26 Minor changes in the BOS page.

1999-10-18 Fixed some links.

1999-10-07 Corrected some typos, corrected my contact page (no more analogue cellphone, new (mobile) fax number).

1999-09-02 Added two great links to sites about the Nokia Communicator 9000/9110.

1999-08-21 Fixed a problem with the counter which has been showing the wrong number of pageviews after the last update. Changed my email adress on the contact page.

1999-08-10 Changed the date formatting on this page from the "German way" to the more web compatible "YY-MM-DD". Changed the filename structur to good old DOS convention "8.3" to be able to update the pages easier from my Nokia Communicator 9110 via GSM.

11.06.1999 Updated the link pages.

07.05.1999 After a longer time without updates I am working again on improving those pages. Manu bought a scanner, so I can provide you with "photos" by just placing the radios on the glass plate - it really works, have a look at my "AEG Teleport 9" section!

13.04.1999 Cleared the confusion which came up on 09.04.1999 - tried to explain the connection between pager and interface a little bit better on my "Pager" section...

11.04.1999 Added a link to a nice radio scanner site about scanning in Vienna. Added a tracking item on my yellow control frame - just click the little icon at the bottom to get your own free tracker! I really can recommend it!

09.04.1999 Peter K. informed me that there may be something wrong with the pinout for Memo/Joker pagers on the "pagers" page - I added a hint on the page. Please check it out there and notify me which version is OK.

05.04.1999 Added some words to my personal page after having received some complaints about my choice to use Englisch language.

04.04.1999 A new link was added - to some nice pages set up by a member of a German firebrigade.

30.03.1999 Started adding some info abt. the German BOS. From now I have my own domain active. Much nicer than the old redirection address :-)

19.03.1999 Added information how to activate monitor functionality of Motorola BMD pagers. Thanks to Markus R.!

13.03.1999 Replaced the photo on the welcome page with a reworked one - thanks to Heiko P., he removed the disturbing shadow behind me.

11.03.1999 About FMS: added some technical information and an example of usage.

10.03.1999 Added more information to my "BOS" page. Added a link to some nice guys who allowed me to use their PICs for my homepage. Added some PICs of German BOS equipment.

09.03.1999 Added pages about the German BOS radio systems and the FuG VHF radios.

06.03.1999 Fixed a bug in the html source for index.html which made it impossible to view my pages with some PC browsers.

05.03.1999 Added information and a circuit diagram for programming the Siwssphone Quattro RE229 on the "pager reprogramming" page.

04.03.1999 Added a link to the blackcrawl archive and a hint on the "Pager reprogramming" section to search it.

03.03.1999 Fixed my "links" pages to open the linked pages in the whole browser window instead of using the small frame. Did some rework on my "contact" page. Added a link to "gsmworld". Rewrote some html stuff to make it more compatible (at least I hope so). Although the only place where this URL has been published is in my signatures (mail and usenet) some people find their way to it - I am amused :-)

02.03.1999 Some minor changes in look. Reorganized the "links section" into four subpages. Added a link to Thomas` nice pages. Removed a link which does not work any more. Added a link to Helmut Flasches great pages about often used (German firefighters - read this!) pagers. Pages abt. pagers... :-) Added a link to a page designed by my brother Arne and to his own homepage. Added a link to Plauen, the city I live in. Added a link to a page which was translated by Manuela.

01.03.1999 Moved the pager-pinouts out of the gif-PIC - makes updating easier... Added a new link, corrected another one. Although I hate counters I decided to add one. The reason: My ISP is not able to provide even a simple logfile :-(((

28.02.1999 Added Swissphone Quattro 96 information (pinout) to "Pager reprogramming" section. Thanks to Bernd H. for finding out this!

27.02.1999 Put my pgp key onto the "Contact"-page and did some minor changes - typos, strange built sentences...but I`m sure there are some left :-)

19.02.1999 I put these pages on the webserver - now they are open to the public, although I did not yet publish the URL.

18.02.1999 These pages were written in a day full of pain - I did not know anything about HTML, and the manual of my HTML editor was not very useful for me. But thanks to my "Commodore Amiga" and to the creators of my HTML-Editor Metalweb - finally I did it! The job was done on an Commodore Amiga 1200 computer with 68030 CPU, 68882 FPU (both 60 MHz), 34 MB RAM.